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After about two months on itch.io, I have gotten a lot of work done on the game and demo, and I feel like it is time to close public testing for now. Thank you all for playing, and I really appreciate all the amazing feedback and support from all of you! Although I do not have much of a fan base, I consider myself a fan of all of you guys who played the demo.

Thank you so much!

The demo will be opened again for Beta, and after that the game will finally be released. However, I feel like the name of the game is a bit tarnished with how many bugs and issues I have had to address in this Demo, so for now, it's lights out. I will be working really hard to bring you a more polished, enjoyable, and content full demo in the future. Thanks for reading!



After over 6 months of development, I have finally decided to swallow my nerves and let other people play GTTOD. It's been an absolute blast making this game, and I'm honestly thrilled to death to be making a step forward and letting people give it a run for it's money. It is still pretty early in development, needless to say, but this is a good representation of what the game will feel/play like in it's final release state.

Get To The Orange Door is a Level Based, First Person, Parkour Platformer with multiple ways to play. The player is given special abilities such as slowing down time, cloning themselves, and teleportation to get to the Orange Door at the end of each level. There is also Emission, a secondary mode which pits two teams against each other. Your goal is to break down all the barriers to reach the last room, destroy the satellites, and enter the final door.

The final game will have over 50 levels in total, more weapons, and more abilities to be used on the battlefield. I hope you enjoy this quick look at what is to come!


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AcradeCoin, the game looks awesome from the trailers, and gameplay videos. I am very exited to play the game... When will you Open the beta again or will it remain closed until release. If so could I get a copy of the game somehow?

I just updated to version 3!!! Here is some basic info, and a link to the more in-depth report.

>Added 98 MB to the download size

>Added unlimited A.I. spawning on some levels

>New Levels

>New Music

>Improved Parkour

>Better Level-Select

>Random Weapon Drops

>No more starting room in every level

>Removed Healing to be replaced by carts of health around the level

>More glass (Happy now, Mike?)

>Lots of stuff that I am not gonna list twice

Go here!


where can i get the demo pls ?


The game is being updated to version five right now. I set the game to update when I left the house today, so it should be done when I get back home.

The new update will have a few new features, better map design, better weapon handling, and improved hitboxes. It should be up in about three hours.

Sorry for the wait!

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Alright, the update is out! Here is some information

> It added one MB to the download size

> Fixed A.I. placement

> Added a shitty, quickly thrown together tutorial as the first scene

> Added more prompts when interacting with the Lounge

> Re-added a 1/666 chance that you'll see something scary

> Fixed a bug with the Dual Glocks when you fire the bullets would spawn on a delay, however the audio is still not fixed. I forgot to do that. Update coming soon for a few other things

And that's about it! This update was mainly put out quicker than others just to get a tutorial thrown in there. Thanks for playing the demo, and you can expect to see some more changes in the next update!



this is definitely pretty great! can't wait to see where it goes! love me some of these parkour action titles!

I've gotten a few comments about vagueness in the demo, and I will definitely be knockin' some of those issues out in an upcoming patch. It's my fault for being a dummy and not thinking that people would want a full scaled tutorial before jumping into a really difficult game.


So yeah, in the next update be expecting a full scale tutorial, fixes to the five demo levels to make them play a bit smoother, a few changes to enemy placement in Emission, as well as more prompts on what to do in the game mode-

Yes, you have to shoot the blue shield walls to break them, and yes, you have to shoot the satellites to go through the final door in the last room...

-and a sandbox level so you can test out your ninja skills and practice with the parkour mechanic.

Until then, let me address this.


Figured I'd get that out of the way first. If you want to check out more updates on the game, and maybe watch some gameplay so you can see how-it's-done, head on over to reddit.com/r/GTTOD

Anyway, thank you all for the feedback, and most importantly for checking out the game. I hope you stick with me as I work and improve on this demo, and ultimatley the final release onto Steam and itch.io. Thanks so much, and I'll see you in the next update-comment-post-submission-thing.


Hello ArcadeCoin! I just played a few short minutes of your game, and so far I really like it! The graphics look good, love the gameplay! (especially the "press 0 for f*** you"). I think this game has a lot of potential!

I totally forgot to allow comments in this thang.

Thanks for checking out the demo, and I hope you enjoy it!!!